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Export Market

SE Asia fish exportMurray Darling Fisheries (MDF) hold an export license, have over 10yrs experience in the SE Asia export market, and over 25yrs experience in the fish breeding industry. The staff are regarded as experts in the field and are willing to share and educate customers on how to care for your fish to maximse your investment.

After Sales Service includes:

  • Phone and email support
  • Catch & Release strategies
  • On-site consultation (price on request)

Please contact us for export pricing and to discuss how we can help you grow native Australian fish.



Quality Assurance

MDF holds HQAS accreditation, which provides a quality assurance measure for the production of fingerlings to supply the aquaculture industry. For more information on the HQAS, visit the NSW Primary Industries HQAS website.

HQAS - Quality Assurance